Our Response to WannaCry Ransomware Attack



DocXellent takes information security and protection very seriously. Because of the recent global ransomware attacks making headlines worldwide, DocXellent took an immediate preventive action to assert that that our clients’ ENSUR servers and information stored within them have received the latest security updates and patches available.

Microsoft released a patch to combat the recent ransomware vulnerability exploits and those patches were applied to our clients’ servers Sunday May 14th between the hours of 3:00 pm – 5:00PM EDT.  Additionally, our clients’ servers are protected by continuous anti-virus/anti-malware scanning as well as active anti-intrusion monitoring. These systems have received all latest security definitions and all ENSUR client servers are protected.

Top FAQ’s – April

You asked, we listened! Beginning with this post, we will regularly feature FAQs on our blog. We hope the answers to these common questions help you get the most out of your ENSUR implementation.

 What do I do when a user can’t see a document they need to view, or perform an action on?

  • Check that a user’s Status Filters aren’t hiding the document

Make sure that the user does not have their status filters set to hide documents in the status the document is in. Go to Explorer | Status Filters and deselect the filters accordingly.

  • Make sure the user has access to the folder where the document resides

Go to the user’s account in System Administration | Users to determine which user group(s) they are a part of. Make sure one of those user groups was given access to a folder where the document is located.

  • Make sure the user has the rights to view a document in the required status

If the user is a part of a user group that was given access to the folder where the document resides, make sure that group has the proper rights to view a document in the status the document is in (Draft, Sub-Approval, Approved, etc.) Go to System Administration | User Groups and make sure the user group has the corresponding view rights (view-subapproval, view-draft, view-approved).

  • Contact DocXellent support

If the user still can’t see the document after implementing the above, contact DocXellent support.

What does the “ensur-Page Error” message mean?

(Page Error – An error was encountered on your web server while attempting to process your request. Please click the link provided to try your request again. If this problem continues, please contact your system administrator so this issue and can be properly logged. Message: Maximum request length exceeded)

Error Message

This message means that the file that you are attempting to upload exceeds the size limit allowed by your system. You can adjust these settings within System Administration |System Information | .Net Configuration | Maximum Request Size and increasing the MB limit. Depending on how large your file is, DocXellent technical staff may also need to make an adjustment to your web config file. Contact DocXellent support if changing the Maximum Request Size doesn’t solve your problem.

Is there a way to export a published document that is a fillable PDF and include its overlay?

Yes. Simply edit the View-Only Settings on the overlay associated with the document. Go to System Administration | Content Types | Select the Adobe icon (adobe-icon)

on the Content Type of the document and check the boxes highlighted below. Then go back to the document and select it. Go to Batch | Import/Export |Content and select Export Original content.  If checking these boxes doesn’t solve the problem, contact DocXellent support.



Meet the Interns

The DocXellent team has been happy to host two, awesome interns this summer who aided in a variety of ongoing projects across our sales, development and technical teams.

Clark Peterson


Clark joined us to gain some valuable experience as he prepares for his freshman year at Central Connecticut State University, where he’ll be pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Clark assisted both our Development and Technical teams with our internal research, network administration, and asset tagging and brought a positive, charismatic attitude to the office every day. Clark hopes to continue his education in Intellectual Property Law and is interested in leading a team of his own in a major, private Cybersecurity Firm in the future.

Cassandra Moyer


Cassandra joined us as she prepares to enter her junior year at Bentley University, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Corporate Finance and Accounting and Liberal Studies Major in Earth, Environment, and Sustainability. Cassandra assisted our sales and customer relations teams with research and analysis, product testing, and social media marketing and was a delightfully efficient resource for our staff. Cassandra is interested in working in the fields of finance or accounting with a focus on sustainability.

The DocXellent team is sad to see them go but excited for their respective journeys and confident that their exceptional work ethic will lead them to much success. Best of luck this school year to Clark and Cassie!


Announcing the Release of our Client Portal!

training vid


DocXellent is excited to announce the release our long-awaited Client Portal, an exclusive space for our clients to access video tutorials and documentation on how to use ENSUR, our web-based document management system.


As an extension of our current training program, we’ve created an online video library with a diverse range of tutorials to guide users through the many features and functions of ENSUR. The video tutorials, led by Suzanne McCormack (our Training and Customer Support Manager), are concise yet thorough, allowing viewers to follow along with her as she demonstrates directly in ENSUR. The portal also hosts a variety of downloadable training documentation and client technical procedures in PDF format.


DocXellent has assigned your organization a single account username and password to be used by all of your ENSUR users to access the client portal, which you should have received by email. Once logged in, users can explore the content libraries and sign up to receive email notifications when new content is uploaded to the portal.


Our goal is to cover topics that are most significant to your success in ENSUR. We plan to upload new tutorials with every new ENSUR release, however, we invite suggestions from our clients on topics they would like to see.  If you would like us to send you your login details or want to suggest a tutorial topic, please email support@docxellent.com.

DocXellent Welcomes New Director of Customer Relations, Amy Sinyei!

new hire experience


DocXellent is happy to be continuing last year’s growth trend into 2016 as we welcome another new member to our team. Amy Sinyei has joined the DocXellent staff as our new Director of Customer Relations!

Amy spent 12 years in the electronic discovery industry working directly with enterprise customers in various capacities including account management, technical sales, workflow consulting and escalation management. Her experience has focused on providing customers with the appropriate software solutions to streamline processes and maximize return on investment while continually ensuring superior customer satisfaction. In her free time Amy enjoys running, gardening, traveling, party planning and spending time with her fiancé and their furry four-legged children.

“DocXellent was seeking a dynamic individual with the skills and experience necessary to further enhance our prided customer relationships.  We strive to help our clients gain the greatest possible return on their investment in our products and services by bridging the gap between business process requirements and our technological solutions, enabling opportunities for improved efficiency and growth.  Amy has the perfect blend of analytical and technical experience, along with a passion for helping customers achieve success. We couldn’t have written a better resumé than Amy’s to fit this need and we are very excited to welcome her to our team as Director of Customer Relations!” says Chief Technology Officer, Tom Tassias.  Expect to be hearing from Amy shortly!

Fiesta Friday!


As part of a new company culture initiative, DocXellent celebrated our first “Fiesta Friday” today! Members of the DocXellent team, including the President of the company, enjoyed happy hour at local restaurant and brewery, These Guys Brewing Co. The team plans to use our monthly Fiesta Fridays to collaborate in a new setting while supporting local establishments in Norwich.

How to Evaluate Our Document Control Software Application

Wondering how to evaluate the quality of our document control management software, ensur? The proof is in our Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Process, which has passed every audit we’ve been subjected to. Learn more about our SQA process here.


4 Benefits of Moving to a Cloud-based Solution

Cloud computing service concept - connect to cloud. Businessman offering cloud computing service represented by icon.

4 Benefits of Moving to a Cloud Based Solution:

1) Reduced support and hardware needs
2) Connect anywhere, anytime
3) More green and energy efficient
4) Long-term cost savings

Learn more about our cloud based solution here!

Take the Stress Out of Audits

"Remember not to shirk the paper work."

Is your company audited regularly? Use an automated document control system like ENSUR to take the stress out of audits! How ENSUR can help:

-Validated software that complies with numerous standards & regulations
-Track your content’s compliance to regulated standards right inside the system
-Download/print documents & reports instantly
-Organize documents into electronic binders
-Track your audit responses through action items, Incident reports and much more…