Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer Case Study

This pharmaceutical contract manufacturer (CMO) strives to provide the highest level of efficiency and quality to its clients. Yet, the manual document management process that previously supported its R&D, manufacturing and packaging services wasn’t exactly a model of efficiency. As the CMO grew, it also anticipated increasing challenges associated with data security and FDA regulations.

ENSUR offered more functionality and security than free DMS options. Compared to other licensed systems, ENSUR was right-sized for the CMO—both in terms of features, meeting FDA regulations, and cost.

The following Case Study explores the experience of the CMO in upgrading from outdated, manual processes to ENSUR document management system, and within a month of going live, the CMO believes it earned a full return on that investment.

Learn how ENSUR document management system became the solution – select the “Download the PDF” button below to read the full case study.


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