The Four Main Components of Quality Management Control

Document Control Software & Quality Plan Components

Managing Quality is Important

Quality management can be described as a group activities and functions that ensure consistency in a company’s services and goods. There are four components involved in quality management.

Quality Planning

Quality control planning is the first step. Requirements must be identified, a criteria needs to be set, and important procedures must be recognized as a part of the plan.

Quality Control

Quality control is needed to review the quality of the product or service. Inspection and testing is necessary to identify problems and defects that need correction.

Quality Assurance

Companies need to assure defects and mistakes are avoided in the manufacturing of goods or the delivery of services, and quality assurance guarantees consistent results.

Quality Improvement

In many instances, there is room for improvement. Through quality plan components, the results can be measured and possible improvements in products or services can be made.

Having the right software for quality plan components, such as DocXellent’s ENSUR software, can assist a company with their quality control needs for their product or service.