Version Control

Your document control management protocol encompasses a wide variety of processes integral to the continued flow of your business. Version control, and how it’s handled, is often a pain point for companies, especially those managing content with paper or a file share. It can be even more troublesome for companies who must adhere to FDA and ISO standards. Using a version control software saves time and resources and ensures companies are compliant with any relevant standards.

What is Version Control?

Version control manages and tracks the changes made to content. It ensures the availability of the most up to date, approved and current content. As both content and procedures or processes change, resulting updates must be reflected in any document management software system. If changes are pending and have not yet been approved, the content should only be available to certain users. ENSUR tracks who makes changes and when, and tracks the reviews and approvals. This version control or revision process determines what is the most current content which should be made available and to whom. The levels of visibility and access are determined through the configuration of security for each user within ENSURENSUR controls who is able to see and work with the proper version. Previous versions remain in the system, visible only to those with the proper rights. ENSUR also gives you time stamps and a signature on any updates as they go live. In layman’s terms, you’ll be able to backtrack to see who implemented what new changes and when.

Why Excellent Version Control Is Essential to Your Document Control Management

One of the most important components of document control management is the ability to track and report on changes made to content. Basic questions such as “Who approved this change?” and “When did this version take effect?” have readily available answers in ENSUR. Auditors can see a trail and track the history behind different versions. Without version control management, collaborating on content can be error-prone and time consuming. Implementing a version control management software like ENSUR helps companies save on resources and remain compliant with FDA regulations and ISO document standards.

Considering Updating Your Version Control Software?

If you’re currently considering updating your document control management and have a special interest in top-of-the-line version control, contact us today. Our experts can walk you through a demonstration of what DocXellent can offer your company in support and technological solutions.