ENSUR Document Management Technology Features

ENSUR Document Management Features

ENSUR is a value-packed document control solution that includes the following features at no additional cost:

AutoPDF – Automatic PDF Generation
Automatically converts Microsoft Office documents into PDFs upon check-in. This keeps your original and published content in perfect synchronization.

CAPA Corrective and Preventative Action
Grants you the power to easily create corrective action and preventative action requests along with the ability to track nonconformities and perform root cause analysis. CAPA can be linked to any other quality item within ENSUR and can also have supporting material attached such as videos, audio, and email. Combined with Action Items, this module allows many different teams to be involved in solving and correcting quality issues.

Change Change Control
Essential to any quality management system is change control. Our Change Request and Change Order maximize the efficiency and productivity of your change control process.

DCS Document Control
Document Control is the core underlying theme throughout all aspects of ENSUR. From its revision control and intuitive lifecycle, to electronic signatures, to periodic review, each aspect can be utilized to streamline your organization’s business processes.

DocTraining Comprehension & Compliance
Assign document training to users, build quizzes to test their comprehension, and apply all the results to a document training record.

Find – Full Context Searching
Provides users with the ability to quickly search for words or phrases in your Microsoft Office and document or PDF document or PDF content.

Forms – Web Based Form Designer
The web-based form designer or PDF form designer is a hassle free web-form creation engine that can build any business form, specification, or other form you wish to create where the importance of consistent data entry and retrieval is paramount.

TMS Scheduled Training Management
Define training requirements, manage rosters, test comprehension and track results. TMS software can build courses, manage your students, test knowledge and deliver training packages based around your employees’ job titles.

Incident Incident and Adverse Events
Works in unison with CAPA to help resolve investigations, complaints, and deviations that may arise through audits, product returns, and customer complaints.

Mail – Managed Notifications
Simple to use module for system notifications. Manage and monitor the distribution of your communications through queues. Also offers the ability to configure the content of your messages.

Migrate Data Migration
Just the right tool to move your legacy data into ENSUR. Migrate will bring the code, revision, signatures, and other meta-data of your choice into ENSUR.

MultiSite – Multiple Location Management
With a centralized repository, MultiSite takes your configuration and repository control one step further. By presenting your organization with a global enterprise content management approach, you can help grow your user base globally or across departments.

PDF – Controlled Printing and Watermarking
Watermark your content with meta-data, images, and other information when users view, print, or distribute content. This module allows you to design your headers and footers as well as keep control over document and PDF document and PDF functions such as print, copy, and edit.

Publish – External Content Publishing
Lets you automatically have content which reaches Current status copied out of ENSUR to a file share location of your choice.

Quiz – Competency Verified
The ability to test users on their understanding of quality control management documents and classroom training content is crucial when it comes to compliance. The Quiz designer allows you to establish quiz questions and monitor results in real time.

Report – Standard Reports
We’ve built many flexible and useful reports for producing up to the minute reports that provide valuable information on action item status, audit trails, periodic review status, and personnel and document training at your fingertips.

For more information on DocXellent’s document management, contact us or request your ENSUR demo today.