Specification Document Management

Successful specification management is a critical component of any organization’s document control approach. Businesses that are used to using spreadsheets or other manual methods of organizing, routing and workflow typically come to a point when automating this aspect of business records management becomes an option worth investigating.  Our ENSUR application provides this capability when transition is warranted. As an integrated system, ENSUR allows you to migrate legacy content into uniquely named folders for easy access, organization and control.

Other features of our all-inclusive specification management solution include:

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    • Ability to establish default behavior of review and approval
    • Assign and track Action Items to a specification during its lifecycle
    • Establish training requirements by job description, group or individual
    • Integrate with overlays to ENSUR when documents are distributed they contain the appropriate document metadata, headers, footers and watermarks
    • Controlled printing to prevent hard copies from being available without knowing who printed and why
    • Configurable data entry forms that provide drop down choices, free form text, dates, component measurements with U.S. to metric conversions
    • Unique and controlled document numbering with configurable options for primary and revision history schemes
    • Automated notifications of workflow actions required by assigned individuals or groups
    • Linking to related documents using a variety of link types including Referential
    • Searching for specifications by title, document number, created by, effective date and other metadata
    • Easy inclusion into BOMs to manage related documents together
    • Organization of like documents into Binders to control the status of documents through their lifecycles
    • Distribution of documents to other locations specified for easy access by employees, vendors and suppliers
    • Highly configurable security granting or preventing content access to only those who require access to the content
    • Full audit capability for knowledge of who did what and when to every document under ensur control
    • Historic and archive status for documents that have been revised and easy recall of legacy content

If electronic specification management is in your future or currently an initiative, give DocXellent a call to see how our ensur document control software can help you accomplish this task. No need to customize a solution for specification management that takes months or longer, ENSUR is configurable out-of-the-box to be set up to work the way your organization works with all the automated controls you’ve been looking for or desire.

If you want an organization to work with to help you configure your specification management application, let us know. We’re glad to advise you on how you can accomplish your goals and let the power of our application help your company become more efficient. If you need alternative ways to make your organization compliant with regulatory requirements, we can help. We’re not just a software supplier, but a partner in your business.