Document Control Software Quality Assurance

When considering acquiring a new software application for your company, there are many factors that contribute to your selection criteria. Longevity of the company, stability, features and benefits, reputation, references from existing clients, customers of the supplier that are in your industry, price and ongoing maintenance.  One factor that is often overlooked is the quality of the application and the process the software company uses to create and maintain the products it markets.

At DocXellent, our document management software is built by seasoned computer science and IT educated professionals that follow the stringent processes of our internal Software Quality Assurance program. Established over 10 years ago, our software quality assurance program is documented and controlled using our ENSUR document control and software quality assurance training application. A documented SQA process is paramount to the success of a software development organization, following that documented process is even more significant.

Our software quality assurance process has been audited by many global conglomerates who purchase Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) applications to help drive their businesses.  The stability of those applications and the companies who provide them are major factors in the ones they select.  Furthermore, having an internal audit team make sure the products they buy adhere to a documented quality management process is equally substantial to the product’s features and benefits.

The DocXellent SQA process has been tried and has passed every audit we’ve been subjected to. Our process is built to industry standards for quality and is managed daily to those standards. Our SQA process includes many policies and procedures that include but are not limited to:

  • An SOP on SOPs
  • Software Quality Assurance Procedure
  • Establishing and Maintaining Source Code Repositories
  • Software Development Procedure
  • Backup & Contingency Procedures
  • Version Assignment Procedure
  • Escrow Procedure
  • Audit and Periodic Review of Quality Assurance Program
  • Change Control Procedure
  • Computer Maintenance and Security Procedure
  • Disaster Recovery Procedure
  • Support Tracking & Resolution
  • Network Security
  • Build Procedure
  • Release Procedure
  • Test Script Execution Procedure
  • New Client Installation Procedure
  • Coding Standards

If you decide to purchase ENSUR, you can be assured that our relationship with you and your business process and IT groups will be a smooth interaction due to our customer support and the adherence to the quality program we use to build and maintain ENSUR. Our software quality assurance program is important to us, and more important to you.