Document Management Consulting

We’re not just a quality software company, we’re consultants helping you to succeed with our document management product. However, our philosophy is different.  We don’t charge you implementation time, training hours or consulting fees to get you comfortable with the power of ENSUR; it’s part of our package and our commitment to you as a new customer of DocXellent. You need a solution to provide a digital document management system, corrective action preventative action, and training to your employees and we need customers like you. You realize that the purchase of a digital document management system can only lead to better quality, production, and performance for your organization and we recognize that your success is testament to our success.

We pride ourselves on the highly configurable nature of our digital document management control system. You don’t need us to build your own data entry forms using our ENSUR Forms module, or design custom pick lists to add your specific company data, or to configure user or group security. In 90% of our installations, there are no custom modifications required. However, there are instances where you might require us to help integrate the data of an existing system with ENSUR, or you need to design a set of custom templates for your packaging specifications. This is where we can help.

In those occasions you need to contract with us for something out of the box, we offer the following:

  • System definition and functional requirements design of new requirements
  • Statement of Work and quote creation
  • Validation services for those customers without the resources to Validate ENSUR
  • ERP, LIM, CRM, and other system integrations
  • Custom template design when ENSUR Forms is not the right fit
  • Unique export or import of data across your network

Our consulting has no surprises. There is never any cost overruns or misunderstanding by lack of definition. If it requires custom work, we’ll tell you up front, define the requirements for your signature, agree on the SOW and deliver when we said we would. If there is a change required and it’s our fault, we fix it, no questions asked. If it’s a scope change, we’ll document it for review and approval. Contact us to learn more about our Consulting services.