About Us

Who is DocXellent and Where Did We Come From?

Since 1983, DocXellent has been providing companies, from start-up businesses to the Fortune 500, with quality control management solutions. Our trusted, web-based document management system, ENSUR, automates the management of documents and their workflows. Under our former name, Mystic Management Systems, Inc. our company was born through the development of a data management solution motivated by the Tylenol™ scares of the 1980s, to help companies quickly find their critical business content while maintaining safety and quality. Our organization is known for being highly responsive and customer-minded, proving to be an industry leader in providing document management solutions. The DMS professionals at DocXellent work diligently every day to exceed expectations and maintain our reputation.

What Do We Do?

Our ENSUR document control solution is the main focus of DocXellent. We continually strive to seek ways to enhance ENSUR, using customer feedback along with industry and regulatory changes to drive the functionality and future of the document management system. Whether your need is FDA document control or ISO document management compliance, are replacing an out-dated document control application or seek to provide an automated workflow to your spreadsheets used to control your business content, the ENSUR document management system provides a holistic approach to managing your essential business content.

Our Team is Your Team

Our DMS professionals are not just expert software people, but are business process consultants who have helped implement and optimize our document management solution for a variety of industries. Our current customers understand the depth of our knowledge, and will often look to us for suggestions on how to improve their business processes with ENSUR. As an extremely configurable tool, if you are Six Sigma focused, GMP centric or driven to improve your process for cost savings, ENSUR can help. Many of our customers initially bring ENSUR’s document management system to their business for a specific reason such as document control or Quality Management Support and end up expanding its use in ways they didn’t anticipate. Whether it’s quality, IT, financial, human resources or business content, ENSUR can help you improve your document security, quality and workflow.

DocXellent Provides Cost and Flexible Options

Cost is everyone’s primary concern when buying a successful document management system. We have listened to our prospects and developed a fair pricing approach that is designed to be flexible and scalable to meet your document management needs. Whether you want to start out small with the opportunity to grow or need a turn-key enterprise solution from the beginning, ENSUR can fill that need. We also offer a one-month FREE trial of ENSUR as part of the procurement process so you can evaluate if its document management software a right fit for your company.

We’re Different Than the Rest

The culture of our sales team is to cater to each client uniquely. You won’t be hounded for the order, but asked how else we can help. If in your evaluation of multiple document management systems, you require multiple demos, desire to see your content in our application before you buy, or want an evaluation version, just ask. If you decide to become a DocXellent customer, our world-class support team will assist you every step of the way and help you get the most out of ENSUR’s document management features.