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BOM Management with ENSUR

Manufacturers are required to have detailed plans, designs, procedures, and specifications from the moment a product is conceptualized until it is fully produced and distributed. These manufacturing documents contain product data, customer feedback, engineering changes, and drawings and have multiple stakeholders involved in their lifecycle. Using a manual process to keep these documents accurate, organized, and accessible can make it difficult to maintain your company’s reputation for quality and swift distribution of products.

The ENSUR Document Management Software enables manufacturing companies to digitally manage all documents that touch every aspect of your manufacturing process. When you integrate your processes with our document control and specification management software, you’ll gain powerful control over your manufacturing BOMs and related documents, helping you to prevent human error in your manufacturing process and streamline your supply chain.

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The ENSUR Document Management System is capable of running in a tightly secured cloud-based environment, allowing you to easily share important documents with approved external suppliers and vendors, empowering quick collaboration and verification of data between each party. Save in time and resources by using ENSUR DMS (Document Management Software) to manage all the following documents with your suppliers:

  • RFIs and RFPs
  • NDAs
  • Contracts
  • Drawings and Schematics
  • Work Orders / Shop Travelers
  • Instructions and Procedures
  • Packaging Specifications
  • Formula Cards
  • Product Specifications
  • Material and Finished Goods Certifications
  • Artwork

ENSUR enables organizations with multiple business units and locations to control content from across the globe or down the hallway. You will no longer need to rely on email, sneaker net or file shares to collaborate; ENSUR enables your company to create and distribute specifications in a centralized platform where spec data is controlled, and standards are enforced. Automated emails will notify stakeholders when a spec reaches each stage of its lifecycle, including when specs and related documents become effective. As a result, you will have a traceable supply chain and your specification lifecycles will flow more efficiently.

ENSUR mends the breach between ERP/MRP and PLM systems by integrating the measured resources of these systems with quality control policy and product process documentation. ENSUR interfaces with your ERP/MRP and PLM systems, creating the bridge that enables you to eliminate redundant data entry, implement proactive quality control measures, and automate the flow of data within the supply chain and throughout the lifecycle of your products.

An overarching goal of your quality team is to embed quality practices throughout the supply chain. This can be difficult to accomplish with employees in multiple locations across the globe and a changing list of suppliers and contract manufacturers. ENSUR can seamlessly weave your quality program into every aspect of SCM.

ENSUR enables you to link other data in other systems to a quality specification, material certification, drawing, or image to reference quality incidents. This linking will tie together the cause and effect of every internal or supplier related quality incident. The type of quality processes that can be linked to specifications in ENSUR include but are not limited to: 

  • Incidents/Complaints 
  • Non-conformances 
  • CAPAs 
  • COAs 
  • SCARs 

ENSUR’s Quality Management features guarantee your processes adhere to regulatory standards (ISO 9000:9001, 21 CFR Part 820, 10 CFR Part 21, OSHA Safety Regulations, etc.). With all your manufacturing documents centralized and managed in one system, preparing for audits is much less time consuming and stressful.

ENSUR makes it easier to collaborate detailed plans, communicate vital documentation, and relay customer feedback. With quick access to managed information and swift collaboration, you can easily adjust your supply chain processes, and your return is increased customer satisfaction and improved profitability.

Prevent Human Error in Manufacturing Processes

Using ENSUR to manage your company’s manufacturing documents enables organizations with different business units and locations to control documents and quality processes from across the globe or down the hallway. With ENSUR, you can create templates that can be applied to BOMs, Change Orders, Change Requests, CARs, Training, QC Inspections, etc. Templates ensure your organization is always using the right version of the master document. This will streamline operations, improve manufacturing efficiencies, and positively impact the storing and retrieval of completed documentation.  

Streamline Your Sub-Assembly Revisions and BOMS

ENSUR enables you to have logic in place where, if a part in an assembly is revised, the parent(s) are locked and/or red flags go off to review the impact on the assembly.

You may have a BOM on drawings, but also have a related BOM with added detail as a standalone document, or in your MRP. If you are managing your design and fabrication drawings in a CAD system such as Solid Works or AutoCAD, drawings with BOMs are a great example of the Parent/Child relationship utilized in ENSUR. 

Integrate Data Between MRP, SCM, and Inventory Control Systems

ENSUR can integrate with your MRP, SCM and inventory control systems to create a single source of truth for your manufacturing data. Without data integration, redundant data entry will be required by users to keep all systems in sync. Data integration between systems is achieved through standard or custom API (Application Programming Interface) enabling data to be pushed (or pulled) as normalized data to all other related data systems.

Track Manufacturing Quality Incidents

ENSUR’s quality management features enable you to manage various quality processes, including non-conformances, CAPAs, Change Orders, Change Requests, CARs, Training, QC Inspections and more. In ENSUR, you can link documents from different quality processes together for game changing visibility and traceability that empowers stakeholders to make data-driven decisions. 

Maintain Compliance with Manufacturing Regulations and Standards

Being in the manufacturing industry means you have a lot of standards to abide by. From OSHA safety to 21 CFR Part 820 standards to ISO 9000:9001, ENSUR can help your company adhere to all regulations with ease. 

The ENSUR DMS automates the procedures and activities required to adhere to regulatory standards, including:

  • Forward and backward lot tracing, including the ability to link lot numbers with ingredients
  • Searching for documents and specifications by title, document number, created by, effective date and other metadata
  • Easy inclusion into BOMs to manage related documents together
  • Full audit capability for knowledge of who did what when to every document
  • Electronic signatures compliant with FDA CFR 21 Part 11
  • Historic and archive status for documents that have been revised and recall of legacy content
  • Deliver employee training and store training records
  • Track and manage your complaints, incidents, and audits
  • Comprehensive reporting with ability to create different PDF or Excel reports for different audiences and stitch together parent report with attachments and subordinate specs/references/drawings

If you’re looking to minimize human error and increase the efficiency of your manufacturing processes, contact us today to learn more about how ENSUR DMS can help.

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