Intellectual Property Management

Businesses that have their IP content under control thrive. Whether its process documentation, sales and marketing literature or trade secrets and proprietary content, knowing that the right versions of your content have been reviewed and approved is tantamount to your success. DocXellent and ENSUR manage this content and provide our customers with peace of mind knowing the most up to date content is all that’s available while having historical and archived content when necessary for audit purposes. No matter what types of intellectual property you need to manage, ENSUR is there for you. The types of documents ENSUR includes when managing intellectual property are:

No matter what your industry, ENSUR can help you with managing intellectual property and quality control. Using templates and automatic document numbering, ENSUR keeps your IP content and documents of all types consistent.

Whether you need help managing IP content or have a unique requirement, ask us how ENSUR can help. Chances are we’ve met the challenge for another organization already.  We’re here to help with document control and intellectual property management!