Intellectual Property Management

Intellectual Property Management

Whether its process documentation, sales and marketing literature or trade secrets and proprietary content, knowing that the right versions of your content have been reviewed and approved is tantamount to your success. Our ENSUR software securely houses this content and provides our customers with the peace of mind knowing that stakeholders can only access the most up to date versions of content while historical and archived content can be accessed when necessary for audit purposes. Our customers store many kinds of documents in the ENSUR Document Management Software including:

No matter your industry, ENSUR can help you with managing intellectual property and quality control. Using templates and automatic document numbering, ENSUR keeps your IP content and documents of all types consistent.

Contact us today and ask us how ENSUR can help with your document control and intellectual property management.

  • What is Intellectual Property?
    • Intellectual property (IP) is a product of human intellect, such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs, and symbols, names, and images used in commerce. IP can be protected by law, which gives the owner of the IP exclusive rights to use, exploit, and profit from their IP.
  • What is IP management?
    • IP management is the process of protecting IP assets. IP management can include activities such as:
      • Identifying and assessing IP assets
      • Registering IP assets with the relevant authorities
      • Negotiating licenses and assignments of IP assets
      • Enforcing IP rights against infringers
  • What is the importance of IP management?
    • IP management is important for businesses because it can help them to:
      • Protect their IP assets from infringement.
      • Generate revenue from their IP assets.
      • Gain a competitive advantage over their rivals.
  • How can DocXellent help with IP management?
    • DocXellent’s Document Management Software, ENSUR, can help businesses with IP management by providing a secure and efficient platform for storing, organizing, and managing IP documents. DocXellent also offers a range of features that can help businesses to protect their IP assets, such as:
      • Document version control
      • Access control
      • Audit trails
  • What are the benefits of using DocXellent for IP management?
    • DocXellent can help you protect your IP, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance compliance. Our document management software, ENSUR, offers features such as document encryption, access control, auditing, centralized repository, document search, document collaboration, document retention, document versioning, and audit logging to keep your intellectual property secure.

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