3rd Party Integrated Document Management

ENSUR document management software uses an open architecture that is capable of integrating with a variety of third-party systems such as ERP, MRP, CRM, PLM, LMS, HR, CR/CO and other document management solutions. Our consultants work closely with clients to customize their interface needs, as each system and business case is unique. Whether it is a transfer of data from ENSUR to the ERP, the reverse, or even bi-directional, the data transfer can be configured appropriately. DocXellent can help create the best fit interface for your needs that is either synchronous (real-time) or asynchronous (interval-based) using any of the following application integration techniques:

  • Web Services
  • APIs
  • Direct DB links
  • Hyperlinks
  • Flat file exchanges (XML, CSV)
  • Data warehouse feeds

Use cases may include:

  • Transferring order number and/or product codes from ERP to ENSUR to map product or packaging specifications that will be built by suppliers
  • Transferring packaging specification data (W&D, roll-up quantities, etc) to ERP
  • Importing training content from an LMS in order to assign for review and quizzes!
  • Transferring product specification information into a PLM
  • Transfer of current content from ENSUR to an external-facing DMS

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