Document Control

Using ENSUR for managing your company’s critical documentation enables organizations to control content across the globe or down the hallway. The ENSUR document control system is flexible, with a secure user-friendly interface and a rich mix of features. These features of our document control system grant precise management and flexibility over all your content.

The ENSUR document control system is built around open technologies which promote integration and leverage the power of your existing applications for your benefit. The software document control system may be accessed by your users regardless of where they are on the globe; if they can access your network, they can log into ENSUR.

The ENSUR Document Control System includes the following benefits:

  • Highly configurable not requiring customization
  • Web-based and it installs behind the corporate firewall
  • Helps companies meet FDA, ISO and SQF compliance standards
  • Multi-layered user, group and folder security
  • Immediate access to workflow items
  • Automatically generates PDF renditions from MS Office documents
  • Document Training (content/compliance based training)
  • Integrated content and metadata indexing engine
  • Forms designer for creating interactive web forms
  • Configurable and consistent workflow
  • Electronic Signatures per regulatory standards
  • Integrated Change Order Management
  • Configurable overlays, watermarking and print prompts
  • Controlled Printing, Viewing, and Downloading
  • Secure, Automated Electronic Distribution
  • Unlimited multi-dimensional linking
  • Easy attachment of supporting materials
  • Automated Periodic Review
  • Version Control software with major and minor revisions
  • 360o Audit Trails and Reporting
  • Automated Email Notification through integration with existing email systems

Content is the lifeblood of your business. In today’s fast-paced world, the sheer volume of data your company needs to configure is overwhelming. Add to that, the many uses for the information your team deals with on a constant basis. Regardless of your industry, the organization and accessibility of your documentation is critical to productivity.

Document Control Software Solutions

We developed ENSUR to meet all aspects of the changing needs of your business. With advanced features and out of the box solutions, your document control application brings all of your business needs together in one easy to access place. Nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Every member of your team can collaborate and add to the existing client files with ease. ENSUR takes the guesswork out of importing documents, adding to existing databases, and sharing files. Whether your team shares office space,works remotely, or at multiple sites, productivity will soar and miscommunications decrease.

Employees can access the latest documents for an existing customer or project at all times. You also eliminate the obstacles caused when communication between an employee and client are inaccessible. What happens if the employee is absent? Document control solutions allow your team to handle the full cycle of your customer’s or product’s journey seamlessly.

Document Control Software Creates Consistent Workflows

Each department benefits from the ability to use consistent and predictable workflows. Documentation doesn’t get missed through employee error. You can rest assured that your security measures are in place.

Once you configure your workflow, you develop a protocol that allows employees more confidence in their responsibilities. They’ll be able to work with each facet of documentation. They’ll have each piece of information readily available to work faster, collaborate more efficiently, or pass audits easily.

Consistent workflows also help establish a protocol to meet any regulatory standards your industry requires. Updating information can also be timed. For instance, upcoming contract renewals can be set so that pertinent management teams are notified ahead of time to prepare for new contract negotiations. Additionally, appropriate stakeholders can be notified in advance when outdated policies or procedures need to be updated or taught.

The uses and functions of your document control application can be configured to meet your specific needs, eliminating the hassle of using multiple programs and software to complete project cycles.

ENSUR Solves Your Document Control Challenges

If you’re interested in more information on ENSUR, contact us today. Our expert staff can discuss your specific documentation needs and help you find the right solution to keep your business workflows moving.