Packaging Management System

ENSUR is a flexible web-based application that can help you tie together all the necessary components and departments for your product specifications and/or product packaging. We offer both non-validated and validated versions of our packaging management system for companies who must adhere to FDA or other government regulations and need a validated packaging management system.

The user friendly and flexible nature of ENSUR grows with you and the needs of your business. ENSUR can help you remain compliant with your industry standards and regulations in which you operate (for example ISO/TS 16949, FDA 21 CFR Part 211, and ISO 9001). ENSUR can also provide global access using a robust and configurable security model to allow your employees to collaborate, develop, disseminate, test, and approve product or packaging requirements efficiently. The use of web-forms within ENSUR provides the ability to search common traits among your products and quickly find consistent results.  ENSUR will bring together the various departments of your company, your suppliers, customers, CMOs and your distributors into one compliant, manageable solution to increase your profits.

ENSUR can help you:

  • Link unlimited file types through our BOM linking model
  • Create out-of-the-box Bills of Materials
  • Replicate and revise specifications with ease
  • Batch edit specifications for increased efficiency
  • Attach Supporting Materials such as images, web links or specifications
  • Collaborate with departments, suppliers and distributors
  • Custom templates can be created through DocXellent’s Consulting Services
  • Instantly find where components are used in your product line
  • Merge all your BOM components together into one consolidated report
  • Add critical attributes for identifying customers, locations and quantities

Our packaging management software capabilities are uniquely integrated with all our document control features that allow default or custom workflow for review and approvals of BOMs. Whether you are a global pharmaceutical, consumer goods company or a health and beauty company, our packaging spec management functionality will allow you unmatched control and access to all your packaging documents.