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ENSUR electronic document management software has been created to operate in virtually any Microsoft environment. Installation of ENSUR is fast and easy. Files are transferred to new clients through FTP with our technical team working together with your designated IT staff, ENSUR can be fully installed and operational in hours. ENSUR is typically setup in 2 environments on your server (Test and Production). If you are a company that requires a validated installation, a 3rd environment is created for the purpose of Validation requirements. New versions of the electronic document management software are typically installed in your Test environment for evaluation before installing in the Production environment. This includes; upgrades, service packs, hot fixes and custom work performed at your request by DocXellent.

See ENSUR Server Requirements below:

Network & Web Server
 All servers and clients on same Windows Network
 Windows OS 2012 or later
 Windows server running IIS 8.0 or higher
 Web server running MS .NET framework 4.0 or higher with ASP.NET enabled
 MS SQL version Express, Standard or Enterprise versions 2012 or higher
 No Oracle Support
 Integration with existing corporate email through SMTP connection
 Configurable document workflow notifications with ensurMail
Authentication/Password Options
 Active Directory or
 User credentials managed by ENSUR with local authentication
Single Sign-On
ENSUR is capable of integrating with SAML Internet-based Identity Management services to provide single sign-on for its users. Single sign-on (SSO) is a session and user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials (e.g., name and password) to access multiple applications. The service eliminates the need for a user to authenticate repeatedly when switching applications during the same session and helps track user activities and accounts. Benefits of our Single Sign-On feature include:
 Out-of-the-box support for Okta, a leading Identity Management provider.
  • Also supports the use of Okta Tiles so that ENSUR may co-exist with all other Otka-controlled document systems
 Can be used for basic user authentication management or for Single Sign On (SSO)
 Can support simultaneous/parallel  authentication models for Otka, Active Directory and/or local ENSUR
 Integrates with Google Apps Directory
 Can be used with both ENSURCloud and OnPremise deployments
 Implemented to authenticate both login access,  as well as electronic signatures
 No need for cumbersome VPN connections to support user authentication through OnPremise Active Directory servers
Business Content Creation:
 Any file type created in a windows environment
 Microsoft Office
 Adobe Reader, Pro, Photoshop
 Hyperlinks to internal or external URLs
 Supporting materials of any file type
 Drawings in a variety of formats
Internet Browsers
 Internet Explorer (discontinuing support)
 Google Chrome
 Microsoft Edge