ENSUR Document Management Training

DocXellent delivers training to ENSUR users by a method that fits your company’s needs and users schedules. Our trainers work with you to deliver comprehensive system knowledge to your people regardless of their previous level of  quality management or document control system software experience. We approach document management training through three different ways:

Training based on Job Function

Our DocXellent training begins your exposure to ENSUR by training the System Administrator to inner workings of the document control system software. We recommend you assign a primary Administrator and a backup for those instances when the primary is not available. The combination of the breadth of our System Administrator training and our consultative approach with how your organization wants to enable ENSUR, will put the power of ENSUR in your hands faster and more efficiently. After Administrator training, we then hold sessions with the key Editors or creators of content within ENSUR. We also request that Administrators are present for Editor training to grasp the understanding of how users will work with ENSUR. Additional training for Approvers and Viewers (rank-in-file) users will also be scheduled as appropriate.

Web Based Training
We understand the difficulty, loss of productivity, and disruption of work that can be caused by bringing all your users together in one room for training. DocXellent’s web based training is your answer. Our trainers deliver an instructive and hands-on approach through our online training that can be built around various employee schedules.

We typically suggest that the web based training be conducted in 2 hour blocks.  This prevents trainee burnout with trying to cover and grasp all the features and functionality of the application in longer sessions.  Typically, the web based training will be done in 3-4 sessions spread across a couple weeks but can certainly be done to be consistent with new customers’ expectations.

Onsite Training
Your users will have a hands-on approach to training that is tailored around your business environment. Trainers teach the users technical and procedural aspects of your quality and document control system software while your employees work in a training environment.

Web Based On-Demand Training
In a perfect world all your trained users will always be there when you need them. We realize that this is never the case and as new employees come into your organization, you need on demand Docxellent training. We offer this to all our customers through our Client Portal. Clients can access our online video library with a diverse range of tutorials to guide users through the many features and functions of ENSUR, along with a variety of downloadable training documentation and searchable Help content.