Training Management

ENSUR Training Management

The ENSUR web-based document control application can help you meet and exceed your quality management goals by delivering your corporate training programs at the right time, to the right people with the right documentation. With the ENSUR document management software, you gain a qualified, competent, and highly skilled workforce with the evidence to prove it.

ENSUR training management software provides the tools you need to organize and deliver training events on time. ENSUR maintains employee policy and procedure awareness, while automating the tracking of your employees’ electronic training records.

The ENSUR training management software from DocXellent monitors your training program with full and complete compliance and effectiveness. Our ENSUR employee training management software delivers the right knowledge and credentials throughout your organization using a fully documented and regulatory compliant solution.

Principle features of ENSUR Training Management Software capabilities include the following:

Definable training requirements and pre-qualifications
Build Quizzes to verify comprehension and track results with the ENSURQuiz Generator
Analyze where employees need enhanced training or establish patterns of difficulty
Create course curriculum by Job title
Automated supervisor notification of re-training needs
Periodic certification renewal for employees
Ad-hoc reporting for benchmarking and metric measuring
Role based training plans and training events
Delivery of events through online session enrollment
Adjustable lifecycle to make sure only the appropriate courses are delivered when needed or scheduled
Security model that controls individual access to online registration, employee assessments and training records
Ability to search events and sessions, track employee training records, conduct analysis, and generate reports
Establish document status as Current after all required training has been completed
Maintenance of training records, attendance records, assessments and observations


  • What is a training management system?
    • A training management system is a technology solution used by organizations to streamline training events, support learning and development departments, and track training progress with compliance. The system implements, manages, tracks, and analyzes training efforts in addition to centralizing your training data.
  • Do I need training management software?
    • Your organization needs training management software if you meet any of the following criteria:
      · You run multiple training events
      · It’s difficult for you to accurately track employee progress during training
      · Your training documentation lives in scattered areas
      · You need a way to schedule, track, and assess training efforts
      · You are a training company that sells training courses and events
      · You’re looking for a more effective training program budget monitoring
  • What is the purpose of a training management system?
    • The purpose of a training management system is to help organizations oversee, manage, and effectively execute training programs. It is designed to provide tools to organize and deliver training events while helping you maintain employee policy and procedure awareness. A training management system should automate training record tracking and ensure complete compliance while allowing you to more easily manage certifications and qualifications for users.

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