Change Control Software

Change Control

Managing changes to your business content can seem to be a daunting task. Getting the appropriate approvals can be fraught with uncertainties. Making sure the correct documents are linked to the change requests, managing the changes and routing the documents around your organization can take an inordinate amount of time. However, Document Change Management with ENSUR can ease your burdens. Purpose built to work the way your organization works whether its change requests of existing current content or change orders forms of revised documents, ENSUR’S change control software manages the process for you.

ENSUR helps you:

  • Get approvals to change current content with change requests
  • Manage changes to multiple documents with a change order so they are reviewed, approved and made current as a synchronized group
  • Identify the reference documents
  • Quantify the cost impact
  • Categorize your changes
  • Document the reason for change
  • Create a thorough description of the changes to your documents
  • Add comments to support the review and approval
  • Attach affected documents through unique Change Links
  • Create default routings for different categories of changes
  • Modify the routings of documents that require one-off reviews or approvals

Flexibility and configurability are the foundations of ENSUR’S change control software. Having all your business content in ENSUR, allows businesses the ability to manage the change of their Intellectual Property with ease. Using our mature Document Change Management module, you will find manual routing with staples and paper clips unnecessary. Automatic notifications, CO links and Supporting Materials electronically manage the entire Change Control process. Find out more about Document Change Management and our Change Control Software from DocXellent.

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