ENSUR Document Management System

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The ENSUR Platform

ENSUR is a document control and specification management software application that automates the management of documents and their workflows, helping you streamline your business processes and improve quality practices across your organization.

ENSUR provides a secure repository for storing and organizing your critical business documents with tools for collaboration, version control, corrective and preventative action, training, incidents, reporting and much more. ENSUR is available in both a validated and non-validated solution and helps you meet and exceed your various regulatory compliance requirements, including FDA, ISO, GxP, OSHA and SQF.

Installed on-premises behind your firewall or in our highly secure, GxP compliant, DocXellent Managed Cloud, ENSUR is adaptable to your unique requirements and scalable to grow with your organization.

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The ENSUR Platform comes complete with the following features and benefits:
AutoPDF Automatically generates PDFs from MS Office content
Audit TrailsCompletely reportable document history
CAPACorrective and Preventative Action module
Change ControlChange Order Management with Change Order and Change Request functionality
Document ControlComplete version control of documents, including multi-user collaboration and review/approval routing
Document TrainingDocument training based on established rosters including Users, Groups and Job Titles
Electronic SignaturesIn compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
FindAdvanced searching of content, form data and metadata
FormsCreate your own customized forms for consistent data entry
Hyperlink Create various types of relationships between documents with traceability
IncidentsCreation and tracking of complaints, deviations, NCMR’s, support incidents
MailSMTP integration with your existing email for automatic receipt of document workflow notifications
Multi-SitePartition your content by location
OverlaysCreate dynamic headers and footers and watermarks with document metadata
Publish Allows configurable documents to be copied to a designated server location outside of ENSUR for easy access within a corporate environment
QuizGenerate custom quizzes for comprehension assessments
ReportExtensive Reports functionality by Administrators and general users to report and export critical data from within ENSUR
Single Sign On (SSO)Integrates with SAML Internet-based Identity Management services to provide single sign-on for its users
Training ManagementIntegrated Training Management including internal & external training events and configurable training reports

DocXellent offers a wide range of expert services that complement our document management software, including consulting, validation and legacy data migration services.

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  • What is ENSUR?
    • ENSUR is DocXellent’s document control and specification management software application. Its purpose is to help companies automate the management of documents and their workflows to help you streamline your business processes and improve quality practices across your organization.
  • How do I know if my company needs a document management system?
    • If your company struggles with any of the following pain points, you may need a document management system:
      · Inefficiencies due to manual document review and approval processes
      · Difficulty managing versioning of documents or specifications
      · Employees utilizing the wrong version of a procedure causing extra costs, rework or even a failed audit for your organization
      · Difficulty maintaining employee training compliance on policies, procedures, or work instructions
      · Difficulty ensuring the same standards are met across different departments/business units to maintain compliance
      · Disconnected quality processes
  • What is the ENSUR Pricing?
    • ENSUR Software pricing is based on your preferred installation type, how many users will simultaneously be editing documents in the system, and whether you require a validated system. We offer right-sized pricing plans designed to meet you where you are starting at $18,000. Contact us for pricing.
  • How is ENSUR a unique document management system?
    • ENSUR is the only document management software on the market that is available validated, both on-premises and in our GxP, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant DocXellent Managed Cloud. This means that you can have your system installed either on your company’s local server behind your firewall or in the Cloud where all hosting and maintenance requirements are taken care of by DocXellent. This also means your company can choose if and when to take software updates at your own discretion.
  • Benefits of Using ENSUR Document Management Software?
    • · Your critical business documents are managed in a secure repository with controlled access.
      · Increase efficiency and reduce overhead by automating manual document workflows
      · Centralize and improve employee collaboration.
      · Create structured electronic forms and templates to align your different departments on standards to ensure quality and compliance.
      · Improve quality management processes by streamlining them in one system enabling you to link them together – making them traceable and reportable.
      · Manage and automate employee training according to job title
      · Easily meet and exceed your various regulatory compliance requirements, including FDA, ISO, GxP, OSHA and SQF.