Mystic Management Systems Welcomes New Vice President of Document Technology Sales

(Norwich, CT) June 17, 2013 – Mystic Management Systems is excited to welcome Gary Carignan as the company’s new Vice President of Sales. Carignan joined the team this spring to lead sales growth and customer service expansion. Mystic Management Systems, well known for creating the document control management software ensur, is looking forward to an exciting year of development under Carignan’s leadership.

Carignan has 17 years of sales experience working for one of the original leaders in the electronic services industry. He also has 7 years of experience as a software engineer – making him an extremely valuable addition to the Mystic Management Systems team.

“We are thrilled to welcome someone with experience in both development and sales,” said Robert Sullivan, President of Mystic Management Systems. “Our ensur Software is a unique product that helps a variety of clients in many different industries. Gary Carignan understands the intricacies and value in such a software solution and is a great person to share this knowledge with our customers,” he said.

Carignan’s new role is one of many growing developments within Mystic Management Systems. In November 2012, the company added a new Client Support Specialist, Suzanne McCormack, and in January 2013 the company moved into a brand new space that allowed for more internal expansion. This spring, the company focused on a variety of web enhancements and the development of a new version of ensur. Version 4.2 of ensur Software is set to launch this summer.

For more information about Mystic Management Systems’ growth and ensur Software update visit or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter @ensurSoftware.

About Mystic Management Systems, Inc.

Mystic Management Systems, Inc. is a leading global provider of document and specification control solutions. Using the ensur document control management software application from Mystic Management Systems, companies throughout the world have been improving profits, reducing costs, and producing better quality products since 1983.