The Four Basic Functions of Packaging

packaging management

Why Package Goods?

The Packaging process has existed for centuries, in various forms. Enclosing products for distribution and sale is necessary and very essential. These are the basic functions of packaging:


Before they are transported, most products, especially food products, must be contained collectively in a package or placed in individual packages.


By packaging products, they are better protected during transportation, from heat, cold and moisture, and from infestation. Packaging also helps prevent lose and possible spillage.


Products that can be consumed have a specific shelf life and will eventually expire. Packaging helps reduce the rate of spoilage of goods.


Packaging containers provide important information about the product, such as its usage, expire date, warnings and ingredients.

Companies that package goods need to ensure specific packaging specifications are met. DocXellent’s ensur software includes packaging manager help that makes controlling and managing packaging documents easy.