Animal Health Document Control

Animal health organizations — from veterinary clinics to livestock companies and pharmaceuticals — have high volumes of documents to manage on a daily basis. The industries that encompass animal health also typically have rigorous compliance standards and regulations organizations must adhere to — adding to document complexity. Adequately managing, storing, organizing, retrieving, and tracking documents is essential for running smoothly and staying compliant. For these reasons and more, animal health businesses are increasingly turning to document management solutions.

What Is Document Control for Animal Healthcare?

Document control solutions in animal health are software systems that give organizations an end-to-end platform to manage all documentation and ensure quality control of information. The single-based software platform centralizes documents and data, making it easy to store, retrieve, and control files electronically.

Animal health companies and organizations use document management tools to ensure that files are always up to date and accurate — essential for staying compliant and providing superior care.

Using Document Management to Adhere to Regulatory Requirements in Animal Health

Animal health laboratories, clinics, and other units can use document control to stay compliant with:

  • FDA 21 CFR Part 110 – Current Good Manufacturing Practice in Manufacturing, Packing, or Holding Human Food
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 – Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures
  • European Commission Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Guidelines
  • OSHA 29 CFR Standard Number 1904
  • ISO 9000/9001 standards 

Document control helps you stay compliant by automating processes and workflows required to demonstrate your adherence to regulations and by consolidating documents to do so into a centralized platform. The system stores and tracks critical records so you have proof of your adherence to laws regulating safety, care, drugs, and more.

Key Benefits of Document Control for Animal Health

There are dozens of ways animal health organizations benefit from using a document management system, including:

  • Managing content in a document control system frees up many labor hours in retrieving physical paper files, resulting in greater productivity and efficiency.
  • With documentation readily accessible, you can quickly attend to customer needs and deliver better experiences.
  • It’s easy to keep documents accurate and up to date in a document management system, enabling you to speed up workflows and processes with all the right information.
  • Preparing for audits is much less time-consuming and costly, with all documentation retrievable and all versions of documents tracked in the system.
  • You’ll rest assured patient and owner data and other sensitive information stay secure in a document control solution.

How to Use ENSUR for Animal Healthcare

DocXellent designed the ENSUR document management system, with animal health organizations in mind. The animal health industry uses ENSUR to:

  • Track every change. ENSUR’s document management platform enables effortless change-tracking, so it’s clear who made changes to documents and when.
  • Simplify reviews and approvals. DocXellent’s centralized software streamlines the review-and-approval process for animal health companies by making it easy to see who approved changes and when they took effect.
  • Access up-to-date content. With ENSUR, there’s no question as to which version of a document is the most recent or accurate.
  • Configure security settings. Animal health organizations can customize access and visibility levels in the document management software to ensure sensitive information is accessible only by the right parties.
  • See a document’s journey. ENSUR gives you visibility into where a file has been — with timestamps and signatures — so you can track all document history.
  • Streamline audit preparation. With sophisticated reporting and auditing capabilities, our document control software simplifies the process of pulling document history, making laboratory audit prep a breeze.
  • Ensure compliance. Animal health organizations can rest assured of their compliance with dozens of industry regulations using DocXellent’s document management software.

See What Our Customers Have to Say

“I find DocXellent’s training materials and the speed, understanding, and technical expertise of the customer/tech support just fantastic! On par with some of the best of other Document Management/Quality Management systems I have used or implemented in the past.”


“DocXellent has always been great to work with, and they are very good at finding solutions to any issue that may arise. I would recommend this software to any company that needs a platform like this.”

Richard V., Change Control Analyst in the medical devices industry

“We manage a broad portfolio of documents and processes with ENSUR, some beyond the scope of the original intent of the software, but it still works well. The developers stay current with upgrades, even including items that we find while working in the system, and their quality team provides complete validation scripts for our use.”

Sarah D., Quality Assurance Manager in the pharmaceuticals industry

Improve Your Animal Health Organization’s Operations Today

Document management for the animal health industry helps to improve productivity, efficiency, compliance, and security for companies across medicine, biopharma, device manufacturing, and agriculture. If you’re curious about what a document control system can do for your organization, get in touch with DocXellent today to request a demo of our document control software.