Meet the Document Management Interns

The DocXellent team has been happy to host two, awesome interns this summer who aided in a variety of ongoing projects across our sales, development and technical teams.

Clark Peterson

Document Control Employee Profile 2

Clark joined us to gain some valuable experience as he prepares for his freshman year at Central Connecticut State University, where he’ll be pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Clark assisted both our Development and Technical teams with our internal research, network administration, and asset tagging and brought a positive, charismatic attitude to the office every day. Clark hopes to continue his education in Intellectual Property Law and is interested in leading a team of his own in a major, private Cybersecurity Firm in the future.

Cassandra Moyer

Document Control Employee Profile

Cassandra joined us as she prepares to enter her junior year at Bentley University, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Corporate Finance and Accounting and Liberal Studies Major in Earth, Environment, and Sustainability. Cassandra assisted our sales and customer relations teams with research and analysis, product testing, and social media marketing and was a delightfully efficient resource for our staff. Cassandra is interested in working in the fields of finance or accounting with a focus on sustainability.

The DocXellent team is sad to see them go but excited for their respective journeys and confident that their exceptional work ethic will lead them to much success. Best of luck this school year to Clark and Cassie!