Paperless Document Management Software

Go Green With ENSUR

Does your company go through a lot of paper from managing your documents manually? Moving your document management process into an electronic document management system like ENSUR can save your company time and money, and significantly reduce the need to print documents for routing and signature. The list of benefits from going green with ENSUR includes the following;

  • An integrated application that coordinates document control, training, CAPA solutions, incidents, bills of material, specification management and comprehensive training records. Documents are routed for review and approval electronically rather than having to print them and walk them around the office for the required signatures
  • Approving documents is done electronically through the electronic signature process. Electronic signatures are an accepted process by regulatory authorities by requiring the person(s) approving documents to enter their username/password combination at the conclusion of their activity on documents
  • Once an individual has been properly trained on a document or by attending a training event, his/her activity and participation is automatically entered into their training record. There is no need to update hard copy files for each person outside of ENSUR.  Access to any user’s training record is immediately available to the user and any manager in your organization
  • ENSUR maintains and logs only one “current” document at a time, thereby eliminating the possibility of someone working from or accessing the wrong version of a document
  • ENSUR allows only one user at a time editing access to a document through a process called “Check-in/Check-out”. This prevents multiple people from working on the same document at the same time and the potential loss of critical changes or comments.
  • ENSUR integrates with your company email system. This is a convenient way to notify anyone that is required to perform ENSUR activity through an automated workflow initiated by ENSUR. When someone is assigned a task within the system, ENSUR immediately notifies them of what they are required to do and by when.
  • ENSUR allows people to delegate activity when they are going to be out of the office through the use of proxies. A proxy is established by a person in order to assign specific items to others in their group so the workflow of critical items is not interrupted by their absence.
  • The ability to manage types of documents so that critical and required information is successfully captured for all documents of the same type. No more incorrectly filled out data forms, missing fields or data that doesn’t belong.

Managers are able to assign and track Action Items to company personnel. No need to hold meetings on the status of Action Items, simply run a report and know where everyone stands on the items assigned to them.