ENSUR Document Management

Companies wanting to get a quality document control application and document management system software with out-of-the-box advanced functionality can acquire ENSUR. This all-encompassing document management system software provides our entire ENSUR offering including CAPA Solutions, Incidents and our Document Training Management Suite. ENSUR gives you everything you need in one cohesive and integrated offer by DocXellent.

ENSUR is also available in both a validated and non-validated solution.


AutoPDFAutomatically generates PDFs from MS Office content
CAPACorrective and Preventative Action module
ChangeChange Order Management featuring Change Order and Change Request functionality
Document ControlENSUR’s cornerstone Document Control Module
Document TrainingComplete document training based on established rosters including Users, Groups and Job Descriptions
FindAdvanced searching of content, form data and metadata
FormsCreate your own customized forms for consistent data entry
HyperlinkCreate various types of relationships between documents with traceability)
IncidentCreation and tracking of complaints and deviations
MailSMTP integration with your existing email for automatic receipt of document workflow notifications
Multi-SitePartition your content by location
OverlaysUsed for creating overlays on existing PDF type documents
PublishAllows configurable documents to be copied to a designated server location outside of ENSUR for easy access within a corporate environment
QuizGenerate custom quizzes for comprehension assessments
ReportExtensive Reports functionality by Administrators to report and export critical data from within ENSUR
TMSIntegrated Training Management including internal & external training events and configurable training reports
6 hours of training2 hours of consulting and 4 hours of admin and Editor training
2 Editor licensesFull featured concurrent licenses to create, route, review and approve content
Unlimited View licensesNormal users who will access Current content
Unlimited supportVia email and phone support

Need additional consulting, validation or legacy data migration services? DocXellent offers a wide range of expert services that compliment our document management system software. Want it all right from the start, ENSUR provides that to you. Quality departments have many requirements and with the capability to have electronic document control, CAPA and training management in one solution, no need to look elsewhere, ENSUR fulfills your needs. Need more licenses? No problem. Adding licenses of any type can be done quickly to support the growth of ENSUR in your environment.

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