Packaging Specification Data

Create One Single Source of Truth for All of Your Packaging Specification Data

Guarantee your specs are accurate, organized, traceable, reportable and compliant with any legal or regulatory standards with the ENSUR Packaging Specification Management Software.

Available validated in both on-premises and Cloud installations, ENSUR is a comprehensive system for creating, maintaining, revising and publishing your specifications and packaging related documents.

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Managing packaging specifications can be a tedious process. Packaging specs may be spread across different departments/sites along the supply chain, and any data that packaging professionals do have access to is generally managed using documents, legacy databases, spreadsheets, and shared drives. A manual specification management process can cause errors and rework for employees, inconsistent processes across different sites, and costly delays in production. It can also have a major impact on highly regulated companies who must comply with government regulations, possibly resulting in legal ramifications, sanctions and fines.

Game-Changing Collaboration on Specs

The specification management process requires multiple departments within your company to work with a variety of vendors in gathering product data throughout the product lifecycle. Without a unified system in place to collect this data and share it across product lines, projects and departments, the specification lifecycle is significantly slowed down as you spend time communicating back and forth with employees and suppliers through email.

Using ENSUR to manage packaging specifications enables organizations with different business units and locations to control content from across the globe or down the hallway. You will no longer need to rely on email, sneaker net or file shares to collaborate; ENSUR enables your company to create and distribute specs in a centralized platform where spec data is controlled, and standards are enforced. Automated emails will notify stakeholders when a spec reaches each stage of its lifecycle, including when specs and related documents become effective. As a result, you will have a traceable supply chain and your packaging lifecycle will flow more efficiently.

Improve Efficiency and Compliance with a Validated Packaging Specification Management System

ENSUR has built in functionality to help you meet and exceed regulations, including the US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, US Fair Packaging Labeling Act, GMP, Canada Consumer Product & Labelling Act, Canada Cannabis Act, EU CELEX, Germany VerpackG, and others. The manual processes and procedures you may have in place to maintain compliance with regulations can put a strain on tight production timelines. Using a manual specification management system means packaging engineers are spending precious time tracking down data across various systems. Our validated pack spec management system automates the stressful and cumbersome tasks involved in regulatory compliance, ensuring that your packaging solutions are designed using a consistent structure so that your packaging engineers can get back to designing inventive packaging solutions.

Packaging Professionals from a variety of industries, including food and beverage, health and beauty, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, animal and consumer health, use our Specification Management software to design and update all types of specs, including:

Raw Material
Finished Goods
Bills of Materials – BOMs
Assemblies & sub-assemblies
Instructions from work to packing and stacking

ENSUR is the most intuitive and configurable specification management tool in the industry today. Use it for replicating your own specifications according to your existing processes; or improve and modify them with the levels of control that you’ve always wanted to implement. No more relying on spreadsheets or unalterable, pay-to-modify out of the box specs; with ENSUR, you can do it for and by yourself.

Our software enables you to use our out-of-the-box templates or create your own specification templates using electronic forms, including unrestricted customization of the following components:

User input interface data
GUI Field interface
Define Pages with 1 or many components
Grids with customizable columns/fields
Live Add-A-Row to specification grids
Dynamically fed fields from external systems
Optional or Required entry
Configurable and component specific Help messages
Character limits at the field level
Text input options: alphanumeric, numeric, decimal
Define Min/Max, UOM, Test Methods
Type ahead feature

You can use the following ENSUR features to help you easily align your different departments on standards to ensure quality and compliance across your organization:

Comprehensive Features
Security & Controls
Supplier Management
Incorporate the safeguards of Masters – input controlled by master records only
Manage relationships to other related content (Drawings, Technical Specifications, Die lines)
Notifications through exiting email system
Integrate with other software applications (ERP, Artwork solutions)
Configurable to match your business process
"Where Used" Traceability
Import existing specifications for immediate benefit

If you are currently stuck with an out of date, manual specification management process, consider switching to the ENSUR Specification Management System.

Request a demo of ENSUR to see how moving your manual processes to a comprehensive packaging specification management system can give you the flexibility, visibility, and customization capabilities your company requires all while meeting pivotal regulation requirements.