Chemical Industry Document Control

Chemical Industry Document Management Compliance

Chemical companies face many document control challenges that can be remedied with a document management system. If you are in the chemical or chemical coating industry, you are likely overseen by the EPA, OSHA, and perhaps the FDA. Government regulations like REACH, TSCA and ISO standards have strict guidelines for the way chemical organizations manage quality, safety, and information security. Keeping up with these regulations can be difficult as they often require internal audits and the generation of large amounts of internal paperwork.

Our comprehensive document control and quality management software, ENSUR, mitigates these challenges for chemical coating companies. ENSUR is purpose built to be secure, yet configurable to adapt to the specific document control requirements of chemical companies, including;

  • Maintaining ISO, OSHA, EPA compliance
  • Electronic signatures
  • Manage versioning of SOPs, Polices, Specifications, and more
  • Manage incidents, CAPAs, change control, nonconformance events, complaints & deviations
  • Audit Management
  • Automated email notifications & distributions of document requirements
  • Automated routing and workflow of document approvals
  • Collaborative reviews that maintain complete revision history
  • Notifications to key individuals of changes to critical documents
  • Complete audit trails of document revisions, access and updates
  • Security controlled access to sensitive documents
  • Watermarks and Overlays to control confidentiality and proprietary requirements
  • Assignment of training requirements for Mark as Read
  • Automated training records for all employees
  • Label printing, packaging specifications and more

If your organization is investigating a migration of your current paper based or manual document control approach while looking for a configurable, easy-to-use and intuitive system that makes transition seamless, contact DocXellent to request a demo and learn more about its ENSUR platform. Trusted by many of the top 50 Chemical companies to manage their document versioning and access by employees, ENSUR could be the next step in your Six Sigma or quality improvement initiatives. Call or email us today to see how we are can help.