Health & Beauty Intellectual Property Control

The Health, Beauty & Cosmetics FDA regulations for products are strict, but to a much lesser extent than Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices. 21 CFR Part 250.250 Subpart D establishes the Requirements for Cosmetics while FDA 21 CFR Part 700 Subparts A&B define General Provisions and Requirements for Specific Cosmetic Products respectively.

Cosmetic and Health & Beauty companies that want to control their intellectual property, policies and procedures can use ENSUR’s regulatory compliance capabilities to exceed the requirements suggested by the Cosmetic FDA Regulations and run their document control function in a highly efficient manner. Many of these companies also have packaging specification workflow needs. Using the ENSUR document management system for controlling the review and approval of labels, enclosures, cartons, artwork and bundling them all into a Bill of Material is a prudent choice for effective quality management and intellectual property control.

If your company manufactures cosmetics or health & beauty products, contact us to see how we can help you with your documentation management system.