Policy Management Software

Government Policy Management Software

Improve the efficiency of your internal processes and easily meet government records management requirements.

Many government, state and local agencies struggle with inefficient processes for managing policies, procedures and other critical documents. The outdated, manual practices of creating documents, getting review and approval from stakeholders, scanning, copying, delivering, filing and then searching for them, consumes employee time and increases operational costs.

The ENSUR Document Control Software eliminates inefficient creation, approval and filing processes and cumbersome paperwork by providing a secure, browser-based platform for collaborating on, storing, and retrieving documents. Using one, centralized system for managing your policies, procedures, manuals and training increases your overall productivity and makes it easy for employees to comply with records policies.

Benefits of Document Control Software for Government

  • No need to scan or file approved paper documents – your documents are stored in the application where you can perform full-text searches to quickly find the document you need
  • All employees can be given access to specific approved documents in a secure environment where printing of sensitive documents can also be controlled and tracked
  • Define and enforce standards for the revisioning, replicating and archiving of documents
  • Replace your paper-based forms processing with more efficient electronic forms
  • Manage and automate employee training where employees can automatically be assigned document or event training by job title and perform Read and Acknowledge training online

Why Government Agencies Choose to Go Paperless

In addition to the ease of use that comes with ENSUR, our software provides a multitude of benefits to help your organization increase its efficiency and productivity. These include, but are not limited to:

Paperless ProcessesDigitizing your processes in a document control system eliminates the need for filing and searching through piles of paperwork, saving your organization time, money, and frustration. Every current or effective document you need is right at your fingertips, available by search whenever you may need it.
Increased SecurityUsing ENSUR adds a level of security to your documentation processes that a manual method could never provide. Equipment is monitored 24/7, and access to the premises of our hosted data centers is tightly restricted. Highly experienced staff maintain these infrastructures, processes are controlled and there are always many eyes on these systems. This makes it extremely difficult and virtually impossible for your data to be breached or stolen by someone outside of your organization. You can relax knowing your data is in secure, reliable hands.

And, because you can decide which users within the ENSUR system have access to documents based on their role, no one will ever have access to information they are not supposed to or have the need to know.
Policies and ProceduresIn a centralized document control process, your policies, procedures, manuals and other mission critical business documents are all easily managed in one organized location. Once one of these documents is reviewed and approved, a workflow sends email notifications to individuals that are required to read the document, and after reading they must confirm that they have read and understood. Read and Acknowledge adds a digital signature that becomes part of the document stored in the employee’s record.
Training ManagementENSUR’s training management features provide the tools you need to organize and deliver training events on time. ENSUR maintains employee policy and procedure awareness, while automating the tracking of your employees’ electronic training records so you know that each of them has trained on every necessary document or procedure.
Electronic FormsENSUR’s system makes it easy to create electronic forms of all types, from the simple to the sophisticated, and automate forms-based procedures in. Information is conveniently captured directly from users, eliminating all need for manual data entry or scanning later on. Everything is imported directly into the system and can be used to kick-off document form-driven workflows. No need to create forms using spreadsheet, word processing or PDF documents, efficient and effective forms capture data securely and consistently for easy retrieval and reporting.
Budget Documents and AuditingIn a document control process, your organization will have the ability to coordinate budget files through review process using workflow. And, auditors are able to access files as needed for auditing purposes without printing or copying.
Institutional Knowledge RetentionEven if employees using your document control software end up leaving your agency, all documentation remains organized within ENSUR. This means no lost information and no scrambling for government data and no unwanted access since users access can be quickly disabled.

Getting Started with ENSUR is Pain-free

One of biggest challenges agencies face when considering adopting new technology is the steep learning curve that everyone in the organization has to endure in order to implement change. This roadblock often prevents organizations from adopting a more streamlined, time-saving document management system. ENSUR eliminates this hurdle by having an intuitive, user-friendly interface and world class customer support team.

ENSUR removes the need to click through menus and folders by surfacing any documents a user needs to interact with right on their homepage in configurable panels. ENSUR’s browser-based interface also makes finding the right document as easy as surfing the internet for song lyrics. Just type the search query into the search bar and it will pull up every document matching the searched keywords.

Additionally, our support team is here to help you and your users every step of the way. We include 8 hours of training in your implementation and give you access to our Help Portal with hundreds of downloadable training documents, tutorial videos, frequently asked questions, and searchable help content, so if you ever have a software-related question, the answers are at your fingertips. 

24/7/365 World Class Support

If your users ever run into an issue with your document control software, you do not have time to sit on hold for hours waiting for customer support. At DocXellent, we understand the importance ENSUR has in your agency’s operations, and we work hard to keep your software and processes running without interruption. When you reach out to us by email or calling us, you immediately connect with highly qualified and knowledgeable support people who understand your business, your sense of urgency and your unique implementation and use of our ENSUR software.  Our support team is available twenty-four hours a day; seven days a week; three hundred sixty-five days a year. We work around the clock to keep you running smoothly and help you get the most out of your ENSUR software.

If your agency, department or branch is looking to increase the efficiency of your processes and save precious time and money, contact us today. We’re happy to provide more information on how ENSUR can help.