ENSUR Helps Nutritional Supplement Manufacturer Improve Internal Processes and Reach Efficiency Goals

IVC Document Management Case Study

International Vitamin Corporation (IVC) is a leading supplier for vitamins and related health products within the nutritional supplements industry. Their mission is to offer the most efficient supply chain to their customers, produce products that provide value, and enrich the health of their consumers.

However, IVC’s manual document management system made it challenging to adhere to their Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) review policies and made it difficult to process document reviews and approvals promptly. As their company continued to grow, they also expected additional collaboration challenges amongst their multiple facilities throughout the country. Wanting to surpass these obstacles, IVC decided to invest in ENSUR. After implementing the document management software, IVC was able to improve its processes around every kind of document they added and address many of the issues they had with previous manual document management.

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