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The alternative medicine and recreational cannabis industries are growing exponentially, and so are the requirements for complying with regulations from various governing bodies. The FDA, FBI, Health Canada and individual US states regulatory driven guidelines and policies must be followed for cannabis companies to operate successfully. As the legalization of cannabis broadens, so will the regulations and reporting requirements of the companies rooted in the hemp industry.

Whether your company is in production, distribution, retail sales, or consulting, audits and abiding by multiple regulations is part of your daily business. The ENSUR dispensary software helps you keep up with regulations and verify your documentation complies with the ever-changing requirements. ENSUR is a streamlined solution for managing the creation, versioning, effectiveness and expiration of current policies, procedures, work instructions.

We have unprecedented experience in medical marijuana document control, employee training, CAPA and quality control with some of the world’s leading cannabis companies. In addition to your growth, making sure your cannabis documentation is in order is equally as important.

ENSUR Document Control Software helps you meet many key objectives:

ENSUR’s easy-to-use interface helps you manage your documentation with a high level of configurability and our team is here to consult you on your specific business use cases along the way.

Take a look at our blog post on how ENSUR has helped MedMen, a major North American cannabis company.


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