Packaging Specification Management Software

gel material being packaged into bottles

DocXellent is a special kind of software and services company.  Our staff optimizes years of document control and development expertise combined with both the packaging experience of global consumer goods providers AND the strict regulatory compliance expertise required of life sciences companies, to provide our ENSUR Specification Management functionality.

Customers use our Specification Management functionality to design and update all types of specs, from:

Raw Material
Bills of Materials – BOMs
Assemblies & sub-assemblies
Instructions from work to packing and stacking

ENSUR is the most intuitive and configurable specification management tool in the industry today.  Use it for replicating your own specs the way your company does business; or modify them with the levels of control that you’ve always wanted to implement. No more relying on paper based or unalterable or pay-to-modify out of the box specs, with ENSUR, you can do it for and by yourself.

Create your own specs, including customizing the following components:

User input interface data
GUI Field interface
Define Pages with 1 or many components
Grid level fields
Live Add-A-Row to specification grids
Dynamically fed fields from external systems
Optional or Required entry
Configurable Help files
Pick your own Icons
Define Min/Max, UOM, Test Methods
Type ahead feature
One click column sorts
Comprehensive Features
Security & Controls
Supplier Management
Incorporate the safeguards of Master Data
Manage relationships to other related content
Notifications through normal email system
Integrate with other software applications
Configurable to match your business process
"Where Used" Traceability
Import existing specifications for immediate benefit

So if you are looking for a full featured, easy to use specification management system, then ENSUR by DocXellent is the tool for you.  Call us and tell us about your requirements and let us show you how ENSUR can transform and modernize your packaging management process.