Document Management for Services

Document Management Files

As a services organization, you have many documents that are critical to your business operations. Whether those documents are your policies, procedures, work instructions, quality control or training records, keeping track of revisions and making sure your employees are working from the most recently approved versions is paramount.

Many services organizations are governed by a regulatory body while others are established and in business without regulatory oversight. In either case, services organizations must maintain good documentation control management practices to ensure their companies run smoothly and everyone within it is familiar with the practices and approaches under the direction of senior leadership.

Having a sound document control approach and quality management program is typically under the direction of a Chief Operating Officer but carried out by a trained professional. Sometimes these professionals will manage this company proprietary information using spreadsheets to track the versions of documents. As the company grows, the number of documents typically increases and the tasks of keeping them up to date with proper headings, footers, logos and distribution becomes burdensome. Furthermore, many services companies require their employees to be trained on specific procedures and managing the training records of those employees is difficult to control.

Enter ENSUR: A full-featured document management and quality control application that out of the box can help make version control and updated personnel training records automatic. If your services organization can potentially benefit from document management, contact DocXellent and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements.